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Computer Sciences Corporation

Show me the problem you think I can't solve.
I'll amaze you.

I'll stun the business mainstream. I'll prove the naysayers wrong. I'll make them all forget the words "I can't". I can at CSC. And so can you.

I'll make e-business the way of the future. I'll unleash the power of information technology. I'll bring the old way of thinking to its knees. I will at CSC. And so can you.

Globally-important projects are waiting for your expertise. Bring your best to the table — we'll match it with ours. Together, there's nothing we can't do

This is no time for conventional thinking.

Computer Sciences Corporation

This is Andy Maxwell. He'd buy just about everything you sell, but doesn't.

So, how do stop the world long enough to get his attention?

The answer is CustomerConnect™. It’s just one of the brilliant ideas being born every day at CSC. CustomerConnect is innovative technology that helps you get to know people like Mr. Maxwell. Learn what he likes, why he likes it, and how to make sure he knows where to get it.

Maybe you knew, but proactive solutions like these have been coming from CSC for over 40 years now. We specialize in the business of technology. Because where business and technology intersect, you’ll find the knowledge-driven sales, smarter service and marketing growth you seek.

With CustomerConnect, you’ll know more about folks like Andy, and what you can do to keep them happy and coming back for more. Glad we could help.

Edward Jones

November 10, 1871 – Courage finds its voice. And Edward Jones was there.

In 1871, author Stephen Crane was born. He would go on to write a masterful study of one man’s triumph over adversity. That same year, Edward Jones had exactly the same effect on the world of finance.

From 6,000 single-broker offices worldwide, we co-author success stories with millions of investors each year. Clients call us a powerful ally. Fortune calls us a Top 10 company to work for. You should call us too.

Garden of Life

More Power To You

NEW Primal Defense® ULTRA — a more powerful probiotic with more live cultures to support your vibrant health.

Now there’s a better way to achieve the kind of digestive balance and function that supports your immune system and bolsters your overall health.

Introducing the ultimate probiotic — NEW Primal Defense™ ULTRA from Garden of Life®, the leader in digestive health.

With more live cells and more strains of healthy, beneficial bacteria than any other probiotic, Primal Defense ULTRA is the most powerful and complete formula you can buy.

Available everywhere quality supplements are sold.

Cox Communications

I come in search of opportunity. Take me to your leader!

Journey to the center of the broadband technology universe. You’ll find us there.

The revolution to maximize the possibilities of communications technology is on, and Cox Communications is leading the charge. From cable television and long distance phone services, to high-speed Internet access, 10,000 members of the Cox family are exploring new media opportunities every single day. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!